What State Of Matter Is Fire Classified?


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Simply put, fire is an extremely hot gas capable of giving off light. We call this light, flame. The flame, which is light, is what we see and it appears as though it is a state of matter. Some people think of fire as a state of matter, such as is water, earth and air, which are elements. Some have begun to debate and think of plasma as a fourth state of matter, however, fire it is not a state of matter.

Fire is made up of oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrogen. The molecules of these gases interact suddenly, yet briefly, with other molecules in a process called oxidation, the result we see is light. We call this light fire or flame. When we see flame we think fire. Other signs of fire are smoke, heat and odor.

Different temperatures of fire create different colors in light, for example the light can become blue, black, red, yellow, orange or a combination of these colors caused by heat, and the addition of different materials to the fire.

If ,you enter the words, (fire, state of matter) into the search bar and click, you find a list websites, including, Wikipedia.com, which will provide you extensive information about fire.

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