How Do You Divide Ferns?


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You first need to prepare the ferns for division in advance. Allot a plot for placing the new divisions before touching the parent fern. Prune the foliage and stems to around six inches from the ground. Next with the help if a spading fork or shovel dig down deep on all sides of the fern, about four inches away from the plant. Now shake the off the dead stems and leaves and loose soil particles. Next deal with the spreading root stems and clump together the root stems. Lastly without delay plant the divisions never allow them to dry out.

Ferns are most commonly propagated from spores or by division. Dividing ferns is the most feasible option for the home gardener. Typically division of ferns is done after a gap of three years. You can tell when the ferns require division by the state of the clump of the fern is dead or is becoming hollow. When you see this happening it's the right time to divide your ferns. The best time to divide these ferns is usually just after the first fall frost or in very early spring. Keep in mind though that there may be some tender new shoots emerging and you must divide the ferns without damaging these baby shoots.

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