What Does The Word Cognitive Mean?


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Cognitive has a simple, straight forward meaning. It is defined within the fields of psychology and linguistics as being aware of current intellectuality such as knowing and thinking. When conscious judgments are being made within the brain, the process is described as cognitive as the functions that are taking place provide us with our perspective and understanding of our thoughts and senses at that current moment in time.

Ignoring the physical processes, the word cognitive simply focuses on the intellectual functions that occur within our brain. This also includes our intuition and memory, which is why it is proving so effective within psychology studies today. It focuses on how out thoughts become acquainted within our brains, how they are produced, and how our intellectual thoughts function within the brain.

History behind where the word cognitive derives from helps to understand what it is used for. ‘To come to know’ and ‘meaning to become acquainted’ are the basic meanings behind the word itself; making the definitions clean and clear. Everything that the brain comes to know and understand is of a cognitive process. Memory is an important factor of this, it requires the brain to make a clear imagine and thought that can be remembered whenever it is needed.

Without memory, thoughts, knowing, learning and judging, our brains would be going to waste, but cognitive studies allow new experiments and conclusions to be produced and published successfully. It is for these reasons that the word cognitive has become very important within science and medical studies, and as the understanding of science progresses it is our brains that need to keep up.
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The word cognitive is defined as something which is of or something which relates to being in a state of conscious intellectual activity. Such activities as thinking, reasoning, remembering, imagining or learning words are collectively referred to as to cognitive activities or conscious intellectual activities.

Cognitive is a term which pertains to awareness with perception, reasoning, judgment, intuition and memory. It is basically defined as the mental process by which one acquires knowledge. It refers to the ability of a person to think, to learn and to remember.

The term cognitive refers to those function of the brain of a human being which are related to the perception or understanding of senses. It relates to the mental awareness and judgment. It pertains to the mental processes of perceiving, thinking and remembering. Cognitive is a term which is usually used loosely to refer to the intellectual functions as opposed to the physical functions.
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Cognitive is a kind of psychotherapy which is used for treating depression, disorders, worry and delusional disorder. It also involves various forms of mental disorders and ways of treating phobias. It absorbs to differentiate between unhelpful or negative patterns of thinking and reacting which is later modified or replaced by more realistic ones. Its application in caring for schizophrenia along with medication and family unit therapy is accepted by the NICE guidelines.    This type of Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) is based on how a person thinks i.e. (cognition), how we feel, i.e. The emotion of the person and how we act (behavior) and interact. In particular, our thoughts determine our feelings and simultaneously our behavior. Therefore, negative thoughts can cause us anguish and result in problems.
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As to me, it means the mental process of knowing things such as: Reasoning, awareness, and judgement...

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The word cognitive means: Mental function of a human being brain doesn't process information in an intelligent way.
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A cognitive WORD is a spanish word that sounds like an english word or is similar.

Ex.   Musica ---spanish
  music ----english
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The word congitive means imagination that is used for books and words or how every you want to know what it means

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