What Is The Area Of A Circle With A 9cm Radius?


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The area of a circle with a 9cm radius is 254.34.
To calculate the area of a circle, you use the formula Area= Pi x r2, which is Pi times the radius (the length around the outside of the circle) squared. To calculate this you could get a calculator with a Pi button, these can be bought at any stationery store.
If the radius is 9cm, the calculation is Pi x 9 squared. Pi is 3.14, and so the equation looks like this: 3.14x9 squared. Nine squared is 81, so the calculation becomes 3.14 x 81, which works out at 254.34 cm squared.
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To find the area of a circle, we always use the formula:

Area = Pi x r2

Now, the circle we are given has a radius of 9cm. So, the area of the circle would be:
Area = 3.14 x (9)2
  = 3.14 x 81
  = 254.34 cm2

The area of the circle in question is 254.34 cm2.

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