What Is The Size Of Saturn Compare To Earth?


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If you can't comprehend the scale, the original book version of '2001:A Space Odyssey' drew a very imaginative comparison, It said, if you imagined the rings around Saturn as a huge dinner plate, on the same scale,  Earth would look like a ball bearing rolling around its rim.

Look up Saturn on Wikipedia and find the 'physical characteristics' section. There is a picture which illustrates the difference in size wonderfully - prepare to be humbled - and remember that Jupiter is larger still !
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Saturn is the sixth planet from the Sun. It is the second largest of the Jovian planets and is classified as a gas giant which means that unlike other planets in the solar system Saturn is not considered a solid mass but is actually a coalesced form of gases primarily composed of Hydrogen, Helium and vapors. In terms of mass it is 95.2 times more massive than the Earth, it's radius is 8-9 times more than the total size of the Earth and it's volume is 763.59 times greater than the Earth.

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