What's The Difference Between Genotype And Phenotype?


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A genotype (noun) represents the genetic constitution of an individual.  A phenotype (noun) is the appearance of an organism due to the response of represents (inherited) characters to the environment.  A phenotype is the opposite of a genotype, so let's say the constitution of an individual is determined by DNA within you, but the appearance of your DNA can be changed or altered due to inherited characters in the environment.  Normal DNA can become altered DNA due to characteristics of the environment your DNA is exposed to.  I think the answer to your homework is probably normal DNA is a genotype, and abnormal DNA due to a mother's exposure to oh, I don't know, toxic chemicals during pregnancy maybe, is a phenotype.  Flying by the seat of y pants here, fellow blurters, can you put it better?
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Ladywitch has it pretty good. The definition I like to use is Genotype is what your genes say you are and phenotype is what you look like. They do not always match because of the dominant/recessive effects.
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Wow! You said it so much better than me, and with so fewer words. You taught me another way to think of the answer, too. So, thank you. But note: No Rating!!!
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No rating necessary, you answered the question first!

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