What Is A Good Volcano Project Title?


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I'm always a fan of a play on words like 'Explosive Debate', 'Core Facts', 'Lava Palaver ' or 'Volcanic Vent'. These kinds of names will automatically show the teacher or marker that you know some of the key words used. These names are only good if the project is about volcanoes in general but if it is about a specific volcano it may be better to include the specific name in the title. I wouldn't get too caught up in coming up with some brilliant name though; it is always going to be the content which is marked rather than the title. Often, simple is better.

Volcano projects are usually quite good fun to write as you can use pictures and diagrams to illustrate what you have written. Also many websites have real footage of volcanoes which you can watch and write about what you notice about the volcanic eruptions you have viewed. High marks are often rewarded for backing up your statements with evidence and example. These can be extra pieces of information which you have noticed on clips or examples from a range of different volcanic eruptions.

Try to make the project original including the name if possible but just remember, it is not the name which will result in getting a good grade. Rather than spending hours coming up with a quirky title, just make sure the writing style is good and that correct punctuation and grammar are used and that all required information is included.
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I predict that the volcano will explode if there is more baking soda in your science experiment
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The Mysterious Trouble Maker

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Will magma turn into lava

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