What Are The Factors That Influence The Perception Of Pain?


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Pain is known as the most common perceptual phenomenon that is essential for the survival, whereas, prolonged pain does not provide the message of warning, rather it itself becomes a problem for other physiological and psychological functioning. There are several factors that may influence the perception of pain including emotion, social and environmental context, socio-cultural background, beliefs, attitudes and personal expectations.

The biological factors are also responsible for the perception of pain as well by means of modulating physical perturbations, but it is the psychological recognition of pain that enables an individual to experience the condition with the perception of internal physiological signs and social factors associated with the recognition of pain which actually shape the behavioural response of an individual to his or her physiological perturbation. Chronic pain has an intense impact of an individual's emotional, interpersonal, and physiological level. Hence, the victims suffering from pain, especially chronic pain, need care not only at their physiological level, but surely the factors that influence their perception as well as the modulators of pain should be carefully handled.
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Pain is a complex, multidimensional perception that varies in quality, strength, duration, location, and unpleasantness. The factors that influence perception of pain; age, gender,culture,beliefs,values,physical factors etc.

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