I'm A Third Year Engineering Student. How Do I Prepare For An Off Campus Recruitment?


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AMAR DESAI answered
Well just keep cool as the cucumber and just improve the basic knowledge about the important topics!!!!!!
The interview is mainly divided into the three group that are the written test , group discussion., P.I that is personal interview

Now for the written test you have to be sound in basic question knowledge. You should refer to the objective books and improve the silly question and answer termination!!!!!!

For the G.D  you should be sound in your attitude as well as your communication with the others!!!!!
First of all prepare your introduction speech by using some sound words!!!! Just remember it !!!!!
You should improve your English communication skills! That will be the biggest advnantage!
Now in the group discussion mainly the recent topic are of the importance of the MNC !

For the PI you increase the pool of the knowledge. You have to be sound in each and every dept.!!!
Also your smartness and good looking personality also matters more ! You have to be well dressed and your attitude!! ALL THE BEST!!
God bless you!
Sripriya Seerapu Profile

In any type of interview, The interviewer asks the questions from your subject, He will check your communication skills and confidence levels moreover technical skills. Before attending the interview you need to practice the interview through following some interview websites or blogs which are relevant to your subject. It’s not enough, You have to attend some online practice interviews in real-time.

Before attending the actual interview, You have to attend the practice interview to learn Interview Techniques, Tricky Questions, and Answers. So you can experience how the real-life interview feels.

You have to select the best platform to practice the real-time interviews. I would like to suggest (http://www.interviewbuddy.in/) which is that best platform to attend mock interviews with various industry experts and you can get a detailed report to improve your skill.

This tool can analyze your preparation level for a particular interview and where you need to improve your skills.

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john caleb answered
First concentrate on your studies.Keep up the momentum with respect to your studies.To prepare for off campus first thing you need is a qualifying aggregat percentage.If you hold that then next thing that is expected out of you is hard work in terms of preparing for the aptitude test.
That will be the first gate you'll have to unlock.After which you have to drastically improve your communication skills both orally and in written to push you through the rounds with ease.Finally for tech and HR interviews the best resource available is the internet. Loads of resources are available and you can make good use of them. All the best!
few site with tech and comp papers are

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