Where Is The Closest Beach From Chattanooga, TN?


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Unfortunately there are no beaches that are very close to Chattanooga, TN - the nearest are around 400 miles away.

There are several options however if you do not mind traveling some distance. You have Savanna, Hilton Head Island which is around 400 miles away, or you could head to Florida; the closest Floridian beach being at Ft Walton which is just over 430 miles away.

If you need more detailed directions, travel times and exact distances then it may be worth using Google Maps. It is completely free and simple to use; follow these straightforward steps:

•    Head to •    Click on 'Get Directions' situated on the top right corner
•    Type in the name of the place you are setting off from in 'Box A'
•    Type in your desired destination in 'Box B'
•    Click on 'Get Directions'
•    You will see the distance, directions and relative travel times

You can of course also use your car's satellite navigation system (if you have one) to determine the route you would take. You can now also download satellite navigation software and Google Maps on your phone which may be useful.
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Come to Alabama! Travel south, I 65 through Birmingham, then Montgomery, all the way to Gulf Shores Pkway. Follow 59 South to Gulf Shores /Orange Beach, AL.
You will love it. Check out the state parks, Ft. Morgan, etc. Our beaches are sugar -white sands, the weather is awesome this time of year, too. If you love seafood, you'll be in heaven.

I'd suggest staying in Orange Beach. It's one of our favorite spots.
Check out this site for rentals in area.

Good luck!!

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