What Is The Condensed Structural Formula Of Hexane?


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The condensed structural formula for Hexane is C6H14. The chemical element is a hydrocarbon that is an alkane with six carbon atoms.

• Uses

Hexane is used as a part of gasoline. It has a boiling temperature of between 55 degrees Celsius and 70 degrees Celsius, and is a colorless liquid. It is a relatively safe solvent. Hexanes are also used in the glue that is used to make shoes, as well as in roofing and in certain products that are manufactured from leather. It is also useful as a cleaner in that it can remove grease very well.

Extraction of oils from seeds is another use for hexanes, and is also used to extract protein from soy. There have been recent fears, however that the use of hexane to extract from seeds and soy has an adverse effect on health and different solvents are now being used.

• Side effects

Hexane comes from crude oil and is refined. As such it is classed as toxic and although the toxicity of it is low, it can be classed as a mild anesthetic. The inhalation of hexane can cause headaches and nauseous symptoms. If a human is exposed to high levels of hexane it is possible that the peripheral nervous system can fail, and this can lead to severe cramp in the arms and legs, as well as muscle weakness.

Prolonged exposure to hexane will eventually damage the central nervous system. The most reported cases of intoxication from hexane are in the furniture restoration business and construction of vehicles, as well as in the shoe manufacturing trade.
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The formula which only shows the number of carbon and hydrogen atoms present in the molecule without representing the bond present in the molecule is called Condensed structural formula. It only gives a relation between atoms but does not show carbon carbon bond in organic compounds.

The molecular formula for hexane is CH3(CH2)4CH3. The condensed  structural formula for hexane is C6H12.
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I'm not sure this answers anything...

By definition, an empirical formula is "a chemical formula showing the simplest ratio of elements in a compound rather than the total numbers of atoms in the molecule." It's sort of like reducing a fraction to lowest terms.
The empirical formula for C6H12 is:
The empirical formula for C6H12 is CH2.
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Hexane is the sixth member of the homologous series of alkanes with molecular formula C6H14 ,it has been found that Heaxane has following Isomers.

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