How Do You Make Message In Bottle Invitations?


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Message in Bottle is apt if you want to do something wonderfully different for your invitations. This is a sure way to grab the attention of your guests. The first thing is to get bottles. You can buy bottles (plastic or glass) from a shop near you or from Sending a love letter in a bottle is a cute way of sending your romantic message across. Enough of having your feeling bottled up! Let them free with a message in the bottle.

The things that you need for 'a message in the bottle' are plastic water bottle, paper for writing the message, address label, glue, pencil, ribbon, shredded paper, small toys, wrapped candles, stapler etc. Wash the bottle and keep it to dry. Fill the bottle with shredded paper. Put light things like beads, balloons, small toys on top of it. Be sure there is space left at the top of the message. Write your letter and then attach the ribbon to the paper with a staple. Roll the paper up and put it into the bottle. Paste the other end of the ribbon to the inside of the bottle cap. Secure the cap and the lid to the bottle with packaging tape.

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