What Is The Formula For Aluminum Nitrate?


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The molecular formula for aluminum nitrate is AI(NO3)3

  • What are molecular formulas?
Molecular formulas, or chemical formula, are a formula which tells us about the atoms that make up a chemical compound. A chemical compound is a chemical that is made up of more than one element. The molecular formula gives us information about the chemical elements such as which elements are combined to make that chemical and how many atoms of each element make the whole.

  • Using Methane as an example
Some molecular formulas are extremely complex but methane is a simple example that can be used to show how molecular formulas are developed. Methane is made up from carbon and the chemical symbol for carbon is C. It is also made up from hydrogen and the chemical element for hydrogen is H. There is one part carbon so no number follows the C but there are 4 parts hydrogen so the number 4 follows the H therefore the chemical formula for methane is CH4.

  • About Aluminum Nitrate
Aluminum Nitrate is a combination of nitric acid and aluminum trichloride together. When they are combined nitrosyl chloride is made in the process and this is called a by-product. Nitrosyl chloride is a gas and will bubble out of the aluminum nitrate.
Aluminum Nitrate has a variety of uses. It is a very strong oxidizing agent so can be used in tanning leather. It is also used in antiperspirants, petrol refinement, a nitrating agent, extracting uranium, insulating papers and corrosion inhibitors.
Aluminum nitrate is an odorless chemical and is a white solid crystal. The melting point is 72.8 degrees C and the boiling point is 135 degrees C.
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Aluminum nitrate is a salt of aluminum and nitric acid. The molecular formula of aluminum nitrate is Al(NO3)3. Aluminum nitrate normally exists in hydrated form and the formula of hydrated crystalline aluminum nitrate is Al(NO3)3·9H2O. The molar mass of aluminum nitrate is 213 g/mol. Its color is white and present in solid phase at room temperature. The melting and boiling point of the aluminum nitrate is 73o Celsius and 135o Celsius respectively. Moreover, its solubility in water is 60.0 g/ 100 ml at 0o Celsius.

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