How Do You Make, Mix Blend Shea Mango Body Butter?


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Shea butter is a natural herbal extract. It has amazingly high moisturising properties, with anti-ageing attributes and healing any skin disorders. Shea or the 'Mangifolia' tree is a wild tree found in West Africa. The tree of this plan produces a delicious fruit which has seeds that can be extracted to make Shea butter, a pale yellow cream with the consistency and texture as that of butter. The purest form of the body butter is when it is natural and with no any additives. Here's how to make and blend Shea body butter soap at home:
• Natural Castile (olive oil based) soap
• Purified water
• 2 tablespoons of all-natural, unprocessed shea butter
• 1 tbsp finely ground almonds (for the rejuvenating scent)
• A grater
• A double boiler,
• plastic food containers
• A drying rack
• A mixing spoon.
Start on with boiling some tap water in the double-broiler pot. Shred your castile soap tilt you get two cups filled with soap. Add the soap to the inner part of the double broiler (the small pot within the big one) with half cup of purified water. Stir the mixture with soap until it is totally melted. Remove the double broiler from the heat and put Shea butter, almonds; all the time stirring smoothly till the mixture is totally blended. Pour the mixture into little plastic food containers and let it dry and solidify for some hours. It will become a cake of soap when completely hard. Place them on the drying rack and let the soap 'set' for about three weeks, moving it regularly throughout the day to stop the bars from getting warped. Wrap the Shea body butter soap in a plastic wrap or use them for your next round of shower!

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