What Are Advantages And Disadvantages Of Spreadsheet?


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Points about spreadsheets
unlimited space
able to anlalyse the data
tools for your data organisations
easy-simple to use
new columns or rows of information
use of formulas
change every formula if you change one so everything is corrected
graphs are very quick to make
I don't have loads of disadvantages though ( good sign )
poor at a lot of quantity of writing
if one formula is wrong the other formulas go wrong
lack of separation - data and code
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Spreadsheet programs are relatively easy to use, require little training to get started, and have the advantage that most data mangers are some what familiar with them.

The disadvantages of spreadsheets include having to re-copy data over and over again to maintain it in separate data files, the inability to efficiently identify data errors, the lack of detailed sorting and querying abilities, and sharing violations among users wishing to view or change data at the same time. Additionally, spreadsheets are restricted to a finite number of records, and can require a large amount of hard-drive space for data storage.
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Advantage is like you can perform huge calculations at a time
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It does all the working out for you.
You can use the fill handle to copy formulae and numbers.
You can put in different types of graphs.
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Use complicated equations like if statements
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Spreadsheet programs have to be installed, bought and learned how to use
it can to quick calculations, can be presented in different ways, changeable font etc.
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You have to know what you are doing not everyone knows how to use a spreadsheet. Therefore, the staff will need some help in order to use a spreadsheet. This could waste money and time.

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