I Have A Twitch In My Lower Abdomen What Could This Be?


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I have felt the same thing. I may be pregnant but if I am it is not more than a month. I know it is too early to be the baby moving so I have been doing a lot of internet research lately and what I found it that, some women who are in the very early stages of pregnancy fell this "fluttering" sometimes lasting only a few days and what it is, is the uterus after implantation expanding to prepare for the growth that will happen in the next few weeks. I have found that some women don't feel it but that a lot have felt it too. Hope this helps you.
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In pregnancy, you normally don't start feeling fetal movements until around 18 weeks of pregnancy and would be showing by then. Early in pregnancy, the fetus is too small to feel any movements. The twitching is probably not fetal movements but just a normal twitching of the muscles.
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I'm also experiencing strange flutter like twitching in my lower abdomen.  Also I can feel it with my hand.  My boyfriend felt it too, I don't know what it is.  I'm having normal periods and 4 months ago I had an early miscarriage, well what I thought was an early miscarriage.  I have had weird symptoms that could be pregnancy symptoms but the fact that I'm still having a normal period then I don't have a clue what it could be.
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I 've also been feeling little kicks in my lower abdomen. I have all signs that come with my periods. I hope am pregnant. Vern
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There are a lot of muscles through the abdomen that could spasm or flutter. It could also be intestinal.

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