How Do I Stop Being Constantly Hungry?


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Constant hunger is either dehydration or sugar in the viscera. Sugar (whether that be the sugar in chocolate, or pasta or melon) lights up the viscera (gut) area like a christmas tree and makes it sensitive, this makes the feeling of hunger. More sugar is required to satiate the craving. This creates an addiction. Coming off sugar can be tough, like cold turkey, including terrible shakes, headaches and weakness.

To counteract this, stop eating all processed sugars (try carbs with fat to slow the process down). Try kiwi fruit instead of very sweet fruit.

Next, bulk up on protein, eat low fat cheese or very mature cheeses, this tends to decrease the appetite, eat plenty of chicken, fish and other proteins. Try a protein shake in the evening or a protein bar.

One trick is to resist the urge to eat, once you eat, you have to eat more, if you can resist, the urge will go away .
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There are many ways to decrease appetite. The most effective is to eat healthy filling foods that take a long time to digest. Foods that are high in fiber and protein are ideal. Avoid cheeses, as these make you feel satisfied because of a few chemicals that are essentially opiates. A good example of a meal would be a bean burrito (beans are high in fiber and also have protein), or a bowl of oatmeal with some cinnamon (oatmeal for the fiber, cinnamon helps regulate insulin). As a general rule, you need to cut back on your sugar intake.

it's very possible that you have some blood sugar disorder such as hypoglycemia, and so if this continues for a long time, you need to get tested to find out what's causing this. Diabetes is a terminal illness: It will eventually kill you, sooner rather than later if you don't do anything to control it, and it is a horrible way to die. You go blind, become paralyzed, and your body basically rots from the inside out as your immune system fails and the bacteria inside you eat away at your flesh, which is soaked with sugar that you can't process because you don't have any insulin.
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I think you may need to do a little more research about diabetes before you feel the need to put it into print. It can be a very dangerous disease but you are way over the top.
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Try 6 snack-size meals a day instead of the traditional 3.  Also--allow yourself to snack so you won't pig out later.  My fave is to pop just a few almonds.
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Diabetes can kill you like that if it is unmanaged.

If you do not know you have diabetes - how will you know to inject yourself with insulin.

Think of insulin as a band-aid for a bleeding wound, if you do not cover it up it could get infected.
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You could keep yourself extra busy that should take your mind off eating so you shouldn't be constantly hungry GOODLUCK!!
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Diabetes's doesnt kill you like that! My granddad has it and all he has to do is inject himself to see his sugar level. This means that he has to check the amount of sugar in his blood. It does not kill you?!

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