How Do Windmills Work?


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Windmills are not relatively new; man has been harnessing the energy of the wind to provide power for several mechanical operations. Wind is nothing more than air that is in motion. It is mainly caused by the uneven heating of the surface of the earth. Now windmills use specially shaped wings to slow down this wind and use the energy of the wind to cause lift. The wings of the windmill are connected to a shaft that within the internal structure of the windmill uses gears to run a drive shaft. Older windmills used this energy to run a grindstone to turn grain to flour. These days, windmills are being used to convert kinetic energy that is contained in the wind to generate electricity. The drive shaft is connected to a generator to generate electricity.
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we saw windmills that wasn't turning but the air was moving. the weather was very hot, is this why.
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Wind mills work by using wind energy.they convert wind energy to do various operations,like pumping water and producing electric power.
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A windmill is a machine that can make wind get lower. Windmills can work when

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