How Can I Tap Into The Power Of My Own Adrenaline Whenever I Want? Like How Can I Make Myself Have An Adrenaline Rush Whenever I Want One?


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Your body does not have that capability of tapping into your adrenal glands. If humans could do this, the Olympics would have records that are 3x of what they are now.

Put this into perspective:

An adult sees his baby boy trapped under a car. He can't get out and hes crying and bleeding. The adult then gets an immense adrenaline rush. Since more oxygen can flow through the muscles, the adult can do crazy things such physically lifting the car off the ground to get out his baby boy.

The reason we do not tap into this is because our muscles are up to scale in strength as far as the bones are. When you are having an adrenaline rush, your bones are 5x more susceptible to breaking do to the force of the muscle onto the bone.
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Yes,it is possible to release and control adrenaline on command, if not, it will be harmful to the kidney.

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