Who Invented The Cigarette And When?


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Nicotine the cigarette comes from the name of the french ambassador his name "nicotte" who's the first made a cigarette and gave it as a present to the queen whom were used to suffering from headache
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Well smoking tobacco has been around for thousands of years the cigarette was invented in the early 1800s by a guy who wanted to make it easier to smoke
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Apparently the inventor of the cigarette was a French soldier who on the battlefield in the nineteenth century. He had his clay pipe broken by a bullet and desperate to smoke his pipe, he resorted to tearing off a piece of paper from the pouch holding his gunpowder, rolled the tobacco in it, and lit up, and Hey Presto the cigarette was born. The place where this happened started with the zig zag cigarette papers, that are still used to roll cigarettes today.
Little did he know he was starting a multimillion dollar industry that would have no end, and make many rich, but also cause many to die of related diseases, caused by nicotine addiction.
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Indians from India
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Not sure who first thought of putting tobacco in rolled up paper (handrolled) but machine for rolling cigarettes was invented by James A. Bonsack in 1882
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Apparently some pooor dude in the UK names Whorhhey glucious invented it buy rolling his butcher papers with tobacco inside it

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