How To Find The Area Of A Rhombus When Given Only One Diagonal And Side?


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Since the diagonal intersection angle is 90 degree in a rhombus, so using Pythagoras equation find out the other diagonal.
For example, if the rhombus is ABCD such that AB=BC=CD=DA='a' and AC='d1', then BD will be the other diagonal. Let say BD='d2'.
Now the area of the rhombus is given by (0.5 x d1 x d2). If 'a' and 'd1' is given, then we can write a^2 = (0.5xd1)^2 + (0.5xd2)^2, (Pythagoras equation) since the two diagonals are perpendicular to each other. So find 'd2' from this equation and insert into the equation of the area to calculate it.

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