What Do Lungs Look Like?


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Lungs look like two fillets of chicken, simply put. They are quite spongy and similar in shape but not identical. The trachea, or windpipe, runs directly from the back of your throat down through your neck and into your chest. The trachea then branches into each lung. These branches are called bronchi. There is a primary bronchi (the first, largest split), then secondary and a tertiary bronchi in subsequent, smaller splits. The final, smallest branches are known as bronchioles.  The branching is very similar to that of a tree trunk having branches, and smaller branches off that.
Sometimes these smallest bronchi are known as terminal bronchioles. These are commonly branched in the same way a plant’s roots are. They host tiny sacks at their ends, which are clusters of alveoli (think a bunch of grapes). Each alveoli is wrapped in blood vessels, and this is where the process of oxidisation occurs; blood lacking oxygen is pumped through the lungs and gas transfer occurs in these alveoli, making the blood rich in the oxygen once again. Asthmatics find they have a shortness of breath because of the irritability of their bronchi, and the subsequent inflammation limits the amount of oxygen reaching the alveoli.
In terms of internal design, lungs consist of a honeycomb pattern. Each lung is also separated into lobes. The right lung consists of three lobes, but the left only has two. This is because space is needed outside the lung for the heart, so the resulting indent into the lung shape is known as the cardiac notch.
Lungs are meant to a fairly pale pink with a hint of purple to them. Any other colour is foreign. Red would indicate bleeding, while black would indicate tar from smoking. A strong purple would suggest bruising and the subsequent drying of blood.
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Lungs are the most important part of your body. The breathing done by the body is by the help of lungs. If you had no lungs, you would not have been alive. A human lung looks like a pair of oblong pieces located at the chest behind the rib cage. The lungs have to be healthy in order to avoid diseases like cancer and other various respiratory disorders such as asthma. Cigarette smoking and pollution hamper the lungs and brings death close to you. An unhealthy lung turns black and does not function properly. The main function of the lungs is to supply oxygen to the body and exhale carbon dioxide.
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Basically a lung is pink and has a weird shape. The right lung is a different shape than the left lung. The left lung is thinner because it has to nestle the heart against it. They are pink because of how much blood they need. The inside of lungs look like trees.
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A pink circus of joy and love covered in mucus.
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Spongy like with holes

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