Which Liquid Conducts Electricity Best?


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Mercury (pictured) is the best liquid conductor of electricity.

Why Is Mercury So Good At Conducting Electricity?
Mercury is different to most metals, as it’s actually a liquid at room temperature.

As a metal, mercury is full of charged ions (positive and negative particles), and this makes it a very good conductor of electricity.

Unfortunately, mercury is very expensive, toxic, and difficult to handle. Also, despite conducting electricity pretty well, mercury is a very poor heat conductor.

What Other Liquids Are Good At Conducting Electricity?
Most liquids are good at conducting electricity – especially acidic ones (like the ones that you get in battery acid), or liquids with a lot of ions in them.

Water is an okay conductor of electricity when it’s pure, but it becomes a better conductor when you add salt. This is because salt is full of sodium ions.

What Is The Best Non-Liquid Electricity Conductor?
In general, the best conductors are metals. The most popular conductor of electricity is copper – this is why circuit boards are made using copper sheets.
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Pure water will not conduct electricity. For water to conduct electricity, it must contian ions. Pure water (H2O) does not have any ions to conduct electricity.
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The strongest acid you can find conducts electricity the best. Just like the acid in a battery.

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