What Does A Boot Disk Do?


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A boot disk is necessory to start a computer that faced a critical condition like a crash. It has a minimal requirement operating system, usually a command prompt. It is the last thing we can use to start a crashed computer without opening it. It needs a little knowledge on Disk Operating System (DOS) command prompt to use a boot disk to start a computer. [the screen is black and we have to type in the commands to do our work / graphics don't come. we can just backup files and see if files are there and do the critical work with it.]
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A boot disk is the term given to a digital data storage medium which is removable, generally read-only, which can load (that is, boot) either an operating system or even a utility program.

These boot disks may not only create but also use a RAM disk in order to store temporary files, to do away with the requirement of writing to any fixed storage media of your computer. There are boot disks can be utilized for a number of reasons such as operating system installation; software demonstration; (often for) data recovery; also either hardware or software troubleshooting; and finally for customizing your operating environment.

These days Floppy disks and moreover CD-ROMs make up the most widely used forms of media. However, other media, like USB flash drives are also used.

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