Does 3 Times 1/4 Teaspoon Equal 3/4 Teaspoon?


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Yes, what it means is that you add 1/4 teaspoons 3 times (multiplication is repeated addition). So if you were to add 1/4 teaspoon of sugar to your coffee 3 times you would end up having added 3/4 teaspoon of sugar to your coffee.

Although it may seem like a 5th grade concept it can become rather complicated if you spend time thinking about what is changing in your quantities. I'm working on my PhD in teaching mathematics and this is actually part of a quantitative analysis class that I have to take.
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.25 * 3 = .75
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Yes it does but you have to be at least in 5th grade to know this stuff! Guess what ??? I'm in 8th grade !!! This is freaking easy!
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That wasn't nice. At all.

My wife has a college degree, but in social work, I'm often doing simple math for her and she is by no means dumb

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