Why Is Variation Important For Evolution?


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Genetic variation is necessary for evolution to occur. If every organism in a species was exactly the same, then one change in the environment could kill off the whole species. And there have to be differences on genetic level so that mutations can occur to create gradual changes in the individuals of a species that might eventually develop into distinct new species.
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Variability refers to the offspring and the parent organism
differences between individual differences in offspring phenomenon. One of the
properties of biological organisms. Two distinct types of variation can not be
genetic variation and genetic variation. Modern genetics that can not be
independent of genetic variation and evolution, and evolution of the genetic
variation is available, the former is caused due to environmental changes, not
passed on to future generations, such as due to lack of water and fertilizer
plant caused little thin; latter variation is Because changes in genetic
material caused by a mutation in a manner (including gene mutation and
chromosome mutation) and genetic recombination.
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I think variation is important  in evolution because it helps us know the different types of organism and their characteristics
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Variation is important for evolution because if there was no variation everyone would be the same and look a lot alike. Like in Darwin's theory, there is different islands with different species on them and that shows that there was variation. If there was no variation then those species and those islands would be the same and it wouldn't be that interesting to go out and look for them. That is why variation is important for evolution?

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