What Is A Metafemale?


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A metafemale is a woman who has an extra chromosome. It is a condition that is commonly referred to as Triple X Syndrome and it is thought to affect around 1 in every 1000 women. In 2007 it was stated that between five and ten girls with Triple X Syndrome are born in the United States each day on average. Triple X Syndrome results during division of a parent's reproductive cells.

The extent to which an individual is affected by the condition will depend on the ratio of abnormal XXX body cells she has in relation to the normal XX body cells. In some cases all cells in a woman's body will suffer from the irregularity. In other cases, however, a mosaic form occurs where only some cells are XXX while others are XX. These cases are called 46,XX/47,XXX mosaics.

Unlike other chromosome conditions such as Down syndrome, there is usually no obvious or noticeable difference to the naked eye between women with triple X and the rest of the female population.

In most cases there will be no unusual physical features or medical problems resulting from Triple X Syndrome. This is because in all female cells there is only one active X chromosome at any one time. However there are rare cases where Triple X Syndrome can cause problems such as:

- Tall stature
- Behavioral problems
- Clumsiness and poor co-ordination
- Wide-set eyes
- Reduced muscle tone
- Ovarian failure

There is a comprehensive list of possible (but rare) symptoms of Triple X Syndrome at
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Metafemale is the female in humans who has 4 x chromosomes in addition to autosomes. This is a congenital abnormality and the affected women are more prone to have learning disabilities. Their periods are usually not normal. These ladies can be tall. Metafemale is also present in fruit flies.
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A metafemale is a term given to female with one additional (extra) female chromosome. The proper term for this abnormality is 'Triple X syndrome' which is basically a form of chromosomal variation. It is characterized by an extra X chromosome which is present in each and every cell of a female. This condition results at the time of division of any parent's reproductive cells.

Some other names given to this particular condition would be trisomy X or XXX syndrome. Less often it is referred to as triplo-X and 47,XXX aneuploidy.

Another important fact to note is that while roughly 0.1 percent of all women will have this syndrome, they do not come under a higher risk for other medical problems.
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Inherit three X chromosomes--their genotype is XXX or more rarely XXXX or XXXXX.  As adults, these "super-females" are usually an inch or so taller than average with unusually long legs and slender torsos, but otherwise appear normal.  They have normal development of sexual characteristics and are fertile.  They may have slight learning difficulties and are usually in the low range of normal intelligence (especially the XXXX and XXXXX individuals).  They tend to be emotionally immature for their size during childhood.  This sometimes results in teachers and other adults labeling them as troublemakers.  None of these traits prevent them from being socially accepted as ordinary adult women.  This type of chromosomal abnormality is less rare than Turner syndrome, but little is known about it.  The frequency is approximately 1 in 1,000 female infants and it occurs more commonly when the mother is older.
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Metafemale is a term given to females who has an additional x chromosome. They are normally bigger as compared to other average ones, have a greater threat of a learning disability, and might have an uneven menstrual cycle. Some other names given to it is trisomy X or XXX syndrome. Another important fact is that while about 0.1 percent of all females have this syndrome.
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A female who as an extra x chromosome. They are usually taller than average, have an increased risk of a learning disability, and may have an irregular menstrual cycle. Other than that, they are phenotypically like a "normal" human female.
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Triple X syndrome is a form of chromosomal variation characterized by the presence of an extra X cell chromosome in each e of a human female. Triple-x is a chromosomal condition which occurs only in females. A female affected by triple-x syndrome has an xx pair of chromosomes, as well as an additional chromosome, resulting in the formation of xxx. A mosaic form also occurs where only a percentage of body cell contain xxx while the remainder carry xx. The extent to which an individual is affected by the condition will depend upon the proportion of xxx to xx throughout.
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Menstrual irregularities, increased learning disabilities, fertile, slender torsos and unusually long legs.

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