What Do Bright Spots In My Bone Marrow Mean On MRI?


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The bright spots would usually indicate that there is a fracture or a tumor growth.

  • MRI scan

A bone scan using an MRI is done with you taking a radioactive substance. This substance is absorbed by the blood and sent throughout the body. This is why you would have to wait a little bit before the scan is performed.

  • Possible results

The doctor will be looking for a couple of things on the scan. When the bone has a dark or "cold" spot it means the bone area is not getting enough blood. This can happen due to an infection or certain cancer types.

There is another option that could occur. On the MRI there could be bright spots or "hot" spots. These indicate the bone is growing fast. This could also mean there is a fracture on the bone that has not healed yet. It could also mean a tumor is growing in that area of the bone.

The doctor will have to perform more tests to determine what the cause of the bright spots is in order to give you a diagnosis. If you have bright spots, do not start worrying yet. Instead, think positively that your bone has just grown too fast or that you have a fracture that healed improperly or has yet to heal.

  • Seek advice from a doctor

A diagnosis cannot be given here, but hopefully the information has helped you determine what it could be besides cancer. It could also be that nothing is wrong except that there was a mis-reading of the MRI.

It is always a good idea to seek out a doctor to find what the true answer is rather than worrying or panicking. A doctor is really the only one that can provide you with the proper answer and leave little doubt.

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