What Is The Circumference Of A Circle That Has A 9 Inch Diameter?


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The perimeter of the circle is called circumference of the circle. Circumference of the circle is equal to the twice of pi time radius of circle.

Circumference = 2*pi*R

Radius = Diameter/2

Radius = 9 inches/ 2

radius = 4.5 inches

Circumference = 2*pi * 4.5 inches

Circumference = 2*3.14 * 4.5 inches

Circumference = 28.26 inches
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Circumference = PI times the diameter. Use the PI button on your calculator or try 3.14 x 9. The answer is 28.29inches square :)
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Not that I'm anal or anything but it blows my mind that people would use a button on a calculator for such a simple calculation. BTW, it's not 28.29 inches square, it is 28.26 inches (as in linear length, not area!) LOL throw away your calc!
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Thanks!!! Have kind of this questions in my test... :)
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