How Many Inches Is Three Centimeters?


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An inch is 2.54 centimeters. This means that three centimeters is just over an inch. It is actually 1.17 inches

  • Conversion Information
In order to convert inches to centimeters or centimeters to inches one has to know the conversion rate. If you know that one inch is equal to 2.54 centimeters then you will be able to do any conversion from inches to centimeters or centimeters to inches.

You will also need to know how many inches are in 1 centimeter in order to arrive at the correct answer. For every centimeter you have .39 inches. This is a rounded number.

  • Three Centimeters
The question has asked how many inches is three centimeters. To arrive at this concrete answer one must know how many centimeters it takes to make an inch. The answer is 2.54 centimeters. So, if you have 3 centimeters, it means you have a bit more than an inch. Let us do the calculation here for you to see.

Now that you know how many inches are in one centimeter, you can determine how many inches are 3cm. Take 3x.39; this equals 1.17. This means that in three centimeters you have 1.17 inches.

You now know how many three centimeters is in an inch. You have also been given more information such as how many centimeters are in an inch and how many inches are in a centimeter. If you can remember these two numbers 2.54 and .39 as centimeters and inches respectively then you can always figure out how many inches or how many centimeters you have if you are going from centimeters or inches. As long as you remember those numbers, the calculation will always be easy whether it is multiplication or division to arrive at the answer.

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The rule for converting centimeters into inches is that:
1 centimeter = 0.393700787 inch
To find out how much is 3 centimeters in inches, multiply it by 0.393700787. This can be done as follows:
0.393700787 × 3
=1.1811 inches
So 3 centimeters = 1.1811 inches

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