What Does Neon Look Like?


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Neon is the name of a chemical element which is expressed by the symbol Ne and has the atomic number of ten. Neon is commonly found in space; however it is quite uncommon on our planet. It exists in a gaseous state and under normal conditions does not have any colour and is almost inert. However, when utilised in devices such as vacuum discharge tubes and certain lamps it emits a distinctive reddish orange glow. Neon is removed from air using a commercial process, where traces of it can be found.

Neon is a noble gas, ranking second in the category in terms of weight, it is extremely light. it is important to know that neon is only capable of giving out a reddish orange colour, other colour emitted by lights, which are still called as neon, are obtained by making use of the emission of mercury vapour.
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Neon-light  would be argon gas with electricity running through it to make it light up/burn /fluores in the color of the gas...they can use other gases to make neon lights....
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