How Many Valence Electrons Does The Element Copper Have?


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An electron in an element's outer electron ring. Although Copper only has one true valence electron, it is a transition metal, so can use some inner-shell electrons for chemical bonding.

As the element has ten electrons in its inner ring, then Copper has a total of eleven valence electrons.

How many valence electrons does the element copper have?
  • Copper's valence electrons: Ten electrons in the inner ring, and one in the outer ring, making eleven valence electrons.
  • The element copper is one of the oldest known metals. Since ancient times, and possibly even before that, it has been extensively mined and used in a whole variety of capacities.
  • Copper has an atomic number of twenty nine.
  • The element is in group eleven, and period four in the periodic table.
  • Copper is a transition metal.
  • Nowadays the metal is most often used as an electrical conductor, but alloys of the metal are used to produce bronze, jewelry, sculptures and coins.
  • Pure copper is very difficult to find, instead it's usually attached to other minerals.
  • The most active copper mining countries in the world are: United States, Zaire, Zambia, Canada, Chile, Cyprus, Russia and Australia.

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