What Should My Nose Look Like On The Inside?


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A nose consists of a pair of nostrils that are separated by the bone, or septum, and the nasal cavity. There are tiny mucus membranes inside the nose that trap particles or other dust particles and sometimes if we are run down and have a cold or flu-type virus we get a stuffy nose. This is because there are viruses trapped in the inside nose lining and the fine hair inside the nose called the cilia. Therefore it cannot escape out of the mucus membranes but becomes blocked and then infected. This is when the discharge of mucus is not clear but yellow or sometimes green in appearance as you may have issues with something that is called sinusitis that are tubes inside the nose that are connected to the back of the oesophagus.
This means that the blood vessels become constricted and we have a stuffy congested feel. If for any reason you have this problem then there are a lot of over-the-counter medications that you can take to improve your blocked nose and will clear the congestion accordingly.
The fine hairs up the nostrils trap debris and small micro-organisms as well as pollen. If you suffer from hay fever you will know one of the main symptoms you will have is a runny nose and a flu like feeling and a sensation that you have something up your nose. This is due to the pollen in the air becoming trapped up the two nostrils in your nose. There are a number of solutions in which to alleviate the problem including putting Vaseline around the tip of your nostrils and even beeswax to trap the particles of pollen before they even reach the nostrils.
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The nose of every person consists of a pair of nostrils on the outside. These nostrils are separated on the inside first by a cartilage known as the septum and then by the bone of the nasal cavity. It is also separated from the mouth by a hard and soft cartilage or palate. The inside of the nose is moistened by the mucus membrane which is a slimy kind of liquid. It is what people call snort. This performs the function of warming and moistening the air a person is breathing. It also traps fine particles of dust and micro organisms. Then the nasal passage also features a lot of hair. This hair traps stuff like pollen and large debris from entering the respiratory system. The body expels these particles by sneezing. The inner section of the nose also contains tiny sized hairs known as cilia.

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