How Do Rainforest Help Us When We Are Ill?


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One of the world's most important resources are rain forests. Rain forests are also the source of almost one quarter of all prescription drugs on the market today and almost two thirds of the cancer fighting drugs we currently have originate in the rain forests of the world. For many years, we were losing thousands of square miles of rain forests every year due to human developments and pollution. In the past few decades it has become clear that we must save rain forests in order for all life on this planet to thrive and live productive lives.

Rain forests are known for having a large annual amount of rain which supports a wide range of plants and animals. Rain forests are also responsible for 28% of the world's oxygen turnover. The undergrowth in the majority of rain forests is restricted in many areas since the cover of trees is so thick, it stops sunlight from reaching the ground. This makes most rain forests easy to take a walk through. If somehow the leaf cover is thinned, the ground will soon be covered in dense growth of vines and shrubs, making exploring one much more difficult.

Most of the well known rain forests are tropical, and they exist in the region close to the equator. The most famous of all being the rain forest in the Amazon River region of South America. There are also temperate rain forests that are located in regions such as Canada and the American Pacific Northwest. One of the reasons we have lost so many rain forest regions is logging done by short-sighted companies and governments that were either unaware or uncaring about the benefits rain forests bring to all on the planet.

The preservation of rain forests is one of the most important things humans will have to deal with in the next few decades as saving them means saving mankind.
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Yes they do. They give specail plants that makes medicine and also the trees are always clearing are oxygen so you would recover quicker then if you didn't.
I hope this helps you.

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