3/4 Plus 3/4 Cup Equals What?


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This equals 1.5 cups. The 'cup' is a measurement that measures volume. It is customary and is generally used in cooking to measure liquids. Hence, it's often considered a fluid measurement. However, it can also be used as a measurement for bulk foods like salt and granulated sugar. This would be a dry measurement. This particular measure is generally used as a more informal unit of measurement in cooking recipes. If precision is required then chefs tend to refrain from using a cup as a form of measurement.

Actual cups found in a house hold will differ in size, and hence the assumption that one cup can be the same as any cup in the house as long as you use the same cup for all measurements, is wrong. If you want to be completely sure then you can purchase standard measuring cups from the stores. They're often calibrated in fluid measure and weights of usual dry ingredients, too.

The cup is generally not used in the United Kingdom and some other countries. However, across the world there is disagreement as to how much a cup really does equate to. There is no standardized definition of the cup measurement, but modern volume ranges between 200 and 284 milliliters across the world. In some countries there is not a formal definition of the cup at all. Instead they will refer to a cup as an amount that is the size of a regular teacup. Cup sizes used in the commonwealth (not necessarily the UK) generally different up to around 44 milliliters.

If you're making a recipe that requires precise measurements then it's no use using the cup measurement. You could end up with a disastrous result and hence you should stick precisely to the amount that you believe or know should be used in the recipe.

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1.5 cups.
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