What Is The Function Of The Throat?


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Throat is basically part of the digestive system. It is very delicate in nature and plays one of the most important roles in the digestion of food. The throat consists of several important parts which are:

- Pharynx
- Larynx
- A part of trachea
- Upper part of esophagus

The prime function of the whole throat is control of the saliva build up. It also protects the airway from any kind of obstacles and obstructions. On the other hand, it has the organs that aid speech. And the excess mucous is passed through the throat.

Whenever a food is taken, it is swallowed. In this process, the salivary glands help in breaking down of the food. This broken down food then enters the throat. Now the throat here acts as the first step of the digestive process by controlling the saliva and putting the food further inside.

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