Where Can I Buy A Decent Wind Turbine For My House?


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Wind turbines are becoming more popular as an alternative source of energy, with ever-increasing power prices and the prospect of knowing that one day we will all need to use the Wind for power.  

The use of small turbines has mainly been for supplying small applications in places that have no access to mains power - such as on boats or caravans.

Buying a wind turbine is a little more complicated than one might imagine - you'll need to get planning permission and check that your area has the right wind supply to power your turbine.

Some supplier of small turbines can be found at the BWEA website who also tell you all there is to know about wind turbines, placement of the turbine and how to go about it the right way.

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There is a site that sells small scale wind turbines ranging from 300w to 1000w, they sell complete kits and are really cheap, I have had one for a year, its powering all my lights in the house all year round.
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B+Q is now acting as a reseller for Windsave, who do a basic one-sort-should-suit-all turbine.
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ARI Solar wind makes the most advanced small wind turbines in an easy package, holding recent patents from Clarkson University, including advanced blade technology. They feature CPU controlled magneto generators for duel over-speed protection and higher efficiency at higher wind speeds with simultaneously lower blade speeds, making it known by its customers as the quietest. This is the same technology as regenerative breaking on electric cars. They come with a hybrid solar-wind charge controller with 12, 24, and 48 volt auto-regulating to protect the battery bank from over charging and easily complement the wind with solar. And they are the least expensive on the market with products ranging from 580 watt to shortly arriving 3500 watt.
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You can easily buy a Pt-6 engine
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