Why Do My Hips, Pelvic Bone Ache Sometimes At Might To The Point I Cant Sleep? Any Advice On Why


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Persistent pain in these areas can be due to any number of factors, but, as with anything, there are a number of common reasons. Have you recently had a fall, or been hit by a moving vehicle? If so, the dislocation of your hip may be a factor, in particular if you find it difficult to move your leg and if you experience more discomfort when sleeping on your side. Even after the hip is reduced or the joint put back into place, pain from the injury may continue. An inflammation of your sciatic nerve may also be responsible, more commonly referred to as sciatica, which is known to cause discomfort if you sleep on your back. Other common conditions associated with hip pain at night are osteoporosis, which can affect women who have recently undergone the menopause. This condition, which causes pain at night as well as during physical activity, is the loss of bone density over time. Osteoarthritis may also be a factor, if the pain occurs when putting pressure on the hip. Bursitis, an inflammation of the hip joint, is one of the most common factors in nocturnal hip pain, as it is particularly exacerbated by sleeping positions. A more serious reason could also be avascular necrosis, which causes persistent discomfort and is associated with the progressive death of bone tissue. As with any complaint of a medical nature, the best course of action is to seek professional advice immediately from your GP or doctor, particularly if the discomfort is so intense that it either prevents you from sleeping or wakes you up. A doctor will be able to quickly diagnose your condition, as will a trained physiotherapist. Leaving the issue may cause long-term damage to your joint or prevent crucial early treatment of the condition.
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Puberty =/ its a dreadful thing but we all have to go through it. Don't worry you're just growing, and since you're a girl, your hip bones are supposed to grow more than men's.
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No sweet heart im a woman i knw.. Its been like this for months on months couple of yrs now that was bad advice sorrry to be rude but ya..
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You might have a pinched nerve, but there are many possible causes. You want to add more to your question, like where does it hurt, be specific.
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Mine does to sometime really don't no y lt might be bc you r ovulation

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