What Is The Chemical Equation For Aluminum Bromide Plus Chlorine Yield Aluminum Chloride Plus Bromide?


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Aluminum bromide reacts with chlorine gas to form aluminum chloride and bromine. The equations for the reaction are;

AlBr3 ------ > Al+3 + 3Br-1

2Br-1 ------ > 2e-1 + Br2

Cl2 + 2e-1 ------ > 2Cl-1

3Cl-1 + Al+3 ------ > AlCl3

The general equation for the reaction is;

AlBr3 + Cl2 ------ > AlCl3 + Br2

The balanced equation for the reaction is;

2AlBr3 + 3Cl2 ------ > 2AlCl3 + 3Br2

Two moles of aluminum bromide react with three moles of chlorine gas to form two moles of aluminum chloride and three moles of bromine.

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