What Does "Where Is Waldo" Refers To?


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Ruth Templeton answered
Waldo is a cartoon character who appears in different settings. He is hidden somewhere in the picture and the reader is challenged to find Waldo in the picture.
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Stuti Ahuja answered
"Where is Waldo?" is a franchise from North America and has been inspired by "Where is Wally?" in England. Are you looking for answers to the "Where is Waldo?" game? You will not be surprised to know that there are no answers available online, or even otherwise. It is understandable because there are not even any tricks to find Waldo; you just have to keep looking. These books only give an illustration with a lot of people in them and you have to find the main character "Waldo". These illustrations have been made by the famous children's book writer and illustrator Martin Handford. He makes images full of 100s of people and you have find Waldo from within them. The characteristics of Waldo are well defined and he is always wearing the same cloths which are: a red and white stripped shirt, glasses, hat and he carries a wooden stick.

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