How Does A Craftsman Snow Thrower Work?


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Remember that Craftsman® snow throwers as well as snow blowers (same as snow throwers) in general have assorted intriguing features. There are (broadly) single-stage snow blowers and dual-stage snow blowers. You find single-stage snow blowers are either gas or electric. Yet both varieties make use of a rubber-tipped auger which is designed to scoop up your snow and then either propels the same forward or simply eject it via a chute in single motion.

For a two-stage gas-powered snow blower, essentially the first stage implies a special slow-turning metal auger. The second stage would involve a fast-spinning impeller which actually takes the snow out from the auger and then chucks it out the chute. Thus it consumes more power. You find these machines typically powered by a four-cycle engine (that is, at five to eleven horsepower).

Men have ranked Craftsman® as the coveted No. 1 brand in all of America on grounds of overall quality, as per a recent brand survey.

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