How Does A Flash Light Work?


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A flashlight is a type of an Electric Torch, it is a type of a hand held portable spotlight that works on Batteries. In the United States of America and in Canada it is referred to as flashlight. In the commonwealth countries it is either known as an electric torch or just Torch.

A normal Flashlight consists mainly of a small incandescent light bulb which has and associated parabolic reflector and is powered by electric batteries. Some flashlights are also powered by electric power switches. Now recently flashlights with LED's (light emitting diodes) have been invented these LED's replace the conventional light bulbs, the LED's have for years now but they were mainly used as low power indicator lights.

The first LED flashlight was the luxeon LED ARC LS which was released in the year 2001.
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You switch on the button then the light will shine
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There are two kinds of flashlight (also called torch in UK) - Incandescent flashlight and LED flashlights. If you are doing a school project research, you can know more form wiki:  Good luck!

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