What Is The Difference Between A Scientific Name And A Common Name?


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Scientific names have been derived according to a set system of nomenclature so that all the similar species are named in the same manner and there are no discrepancies. All the living organisms in biology have been given a scientific name using a system of binomial nomenclature. This name comprises of two words, the first one is the genus and the second one is the species. On the other hand, the common names are not based on any system or method; they have been given by the local people because of the organism's appearance or characteristics. These names have no scientific basis.
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Scientific name is a name that you bear and God bless you as the name is pronounce eg Good luck 4 governor 2 president and be4 governor some post that is important in the community while common name is just Ordinary name that you bear and is not usefull for d bearer

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