What Does Density Mean In Science?


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It basically means the amount of mass within a given volume of a material.Oil is less dense than water, which is why it floats.
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Density in simple terms is the measure of how much something weighs compared to its size.  More precisely, it is the mass of an item divided by its volume.    What that means is that an item with high density will weigh more than an item of low density if the two items are the same size.  Or, in other words, it takes a larger item of low density to weigh as much as another item of high density.    Common units used are kg/m³ (metric) , and lb/in³ (U.S.)    Naturally occurring substances with very high densities are:    Gold,  .697 lb/in³      Platinum, .775 lb/in³      Lead, .410 lb/in³    Naturally occurring substances with very low densities are:    Air,  0.000045 lb/in³ (gas, at about room temp, 1 atm)    Gasoline, 0.0025 lb/in³ (liquid)    Aerogel, 0.00011 lb/in³ (solid)
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Density means how tightly the particles are packed in a certain solid liquid or gas.
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Density is it's mass per unit of volume!
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Density it compares mass to it's volume. The formula of density is mass didvied by volume or volume divided my mass.
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Density is a term that refers to a measure of mass per volume. The symbol of density is "ρ". It is a Greek symbol. Its SI unit is the kilogram per cubic meter or kg/m3. The average density of an object is calculated by dividing the total volume of the object with its total mass. Volume has an inverse relationship with density. Therefore an object with greater density would have less volume and the object with less density would have greater volume. Iron and water are examples of this fact.

Thus the formula to find out the density of an object is p = m/v where p is the objects density, m is the object's total mass and v is the object's total volume. The density of a liquid is measured with the help of a device called pycnometer and a gas pycnometer is used to measure the density of solids.
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Density is a physical property of matter.the density of an object is defined as the  mass per unit volume of that  object
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Density was depends on the object, if the density was high the volume of the object is should be low.
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Density literary mean how pack is the atom e.g like foam is not very dense but cement is dense
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Density is the ratio of the mass of a substance to the volume of the substance...hope that helps :)

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