How To Print A 1:75 Scale Ruler?


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Whenever you come across print ruler on the Internet, there will usually be an option or icon on the page that will allow you to print off the ruler as long as you have a printer attached with enough ink and paper in it.

If you cannot see a print icon or option on the page, then go to the top left hand corner of your Internet browser page. There should be an option that says 'File' and then 'Print'. You will then be guided through the process of printing off the current Internet page.

What is a scale ruler?
Scale rulers are most commonly used in architecture. They are three sided rulers used to convert scaled drawings into actual real life dimensions or measurements without using any mathematical calculations.

A scale ruler would be used by an architect to convert accurate real dimensions into smaller dimensions that fit a building plan or blueprint. The reader of that blueprint or building plan will then have to use the scale rule to convert the smaller dimensions back into real sizes so that construction can begin.

How to measure with a scale ruler.

The most common scales on a scale ruler are ½, ¼, and 1/16. This is because these are the fractions of an inch that relate to feet when the measurements are full scale.

In order to correctly use a scale ruler to read a blue print, the reader must first know what the correct scale is. To do this, the reader must line up the zero mark on the scale rule directly with the beginning of the length that they are trying to measure. If the distance is on the ruler line, then the measurement must be made in feet. The majority of scale rulers will have two scales per side of the ruler so make sure the correct side is being used.

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