What Are The Disadvantages Of File System?


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File system (or filesystem) is a computer terminology that relates to the storing of information, specifically the storage of files once a program that was using the file has closed. The file system saves and holds the program or information until it needs to be opened and used again.

A good example of this would be a Microsoft Word document. The document is edited and used inside the Microsoft Word program, but when the program shuts the document is then stored, saved safely until the program is reopened.

The same example can be given with computer games and program files. It can store the information on the computer's hard drive or on another device such as a memory stick or CD, making the file system software available on each medium used.
  • What are the disadvantages of file system?
A limitation, and therefore a disadvantage of file system, is the need for the drive being used to have enough memory to be able to store the files. As the file system organizes and stores information on another device (such as a hard drive or memory stick) then file system is dependent on their correct operation to be able to carry out its task.

File system also cannot convert from file to file well. By this I mean that it would struggle to turn a PDF document into a Word document, a function that would prove to be very handy.

This limitation can prove frustrating if a file is sent to you by another computer in an incorrect format. If the file system does not recognize the file format then it cannot find the right program to open the file with.

The only other common limitation is the ability to name files, as the file system only recognizes certain symbols, there is a limit on what a file can be called.
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1.Data redundancy & inconsistency
2.Difficulty in accessing data
3.Data isolation
4.Integrity problem
5.Atomicity problem
6.Security problem
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The file system is a very convenient format for writing. I often use this convenience when I need to send some file. But the disadvantages are when you can't copy text from an pdf file. Thank God I have a converter that allows me to read text from image when I can't copy it in the usual way. It always saves my time.

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Effectivness of e-filing over normal filing system

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