Can You Explain What A Geographic Organisational Structure Is?


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It's exactly what it says on the tin: A business structure wherein all branches are organised according to their respective geographic area or region. The geographic scope of these businesses can be international or continental, or it can narrow itself to a national, provincial or municipal level depending on the size of the business, its industry and its locations. Businesses that are structured in this manner utilise a system where a regional manager oversees all operations within their region. This manager is responsible for the regional unit, but still has to report back to the head office.

When a business operates through this system, it can either offer a universal product line or service, or it can tailor the operations of its regional divisions to the culture and purchasing habits of the locations it serves.

Multinational fast food chains are an excellent example of how businesses might structure themselves through a system of geographic organisation. I'm sure you've heard of how popular restaurants often cater their menu offerings to regional tastes and diets. Sure, the basic framework of these restaurants is usually kept intact, but sometimes their meals vary to such an extent that menu similarities between one region's restaurants and another's are few and far between.

Retail and hotel chains, transportation industry businesses and manufacturing organisations also commonly organise themselves geographically.

Another benefit of this organisational structure is the management of international marketing and promotions. A multinational business that doesn't operate by a geographic structure might encounter some difficulty in promoting themselves to the regions that aren't served by the head office. When a business operates a series of independent international offices however, then it will be easier for them build productive, targeted promotions that speak to their consumer audience.

As far as business terms go, this one is pretty easy to understand, and I hope that this answers your question, or at least functions as a starting point so that you can continue the research yourself.
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A Geographical Organisational Structure refers to the different continental departments of a single business, for example AOL the internet service provider has their North America Branch, European Branch, Asian Branch and even South America and Africa Branches. It just refers to how each geographical departments, take on the same roles such as HR, Finance, Marketing and Staffing but in a different geographical Location!

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