What Are The Main Ingredients For Making Glass?


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As distinctly lucid and smoothly sleek of a surface as glass has, the ingredients of glass are in stark contrast with its sparkling transparency. They consist of soda, lime and a kind of coarse sand called silica. The very fusion of these three elements results in the eventual formation of glass. Without conducting a formal experiment, this fusion can take place conveniently if lightning strikes at a place where all three ingredients are present.

Regarding the creation of artificial or manmade glass, this type of glass has some other additional ingredients like potash, lead oxide and boric oxide added to the combination of silica, lime and soda. The main use of these additional elements are a great many. Some of them are used to give a clearer and shinier surface to glass, some have the ability to color its transparency while others are used to acquire a frosty effect on its surface.

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