Why Do People Get Indigestion?


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Some specific happenings in the alimentary canal, which is a 30-32 feet of continuous, hollow tubing. While the food is taken in by the person, it goes through its various phases of digestion namely chewing (breaking down), churning, dilution, dissolving and later on the chemical split of the food into simpler compounds that the blood can absorb.

During these stages of digestion, the stomach secretes gastric juice, which has a high concentration of hydrochloric acid and is one of the chief agents in the process of digestion. Other than that the stomach also secretes ammonia. The hindrance of the secretion of the gastric juice by the stomach (for a plethora of reasons like an unappetizing meal or emotions of worry, fear, irritation, anger and the sorts. Sometimes when the food is not chewed properly, there is a likely chance of indigestion.) actually is the main reason why people suffer digestion.

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