What Are The Challenges Of An MIS System?


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Challenges in studying MIS:
Some of the distinguishing challenges that the people face while planning, using or approving management information systems are:
• MIS requires a wide variety of knowledge areas including accounting, finance, marketing and manufacturing. Therefore having both technical and practical experience in these subjects is very useful.
• Both technology and technology-related products are emerging at very high pace. Consequently no one possibly be proficient in all new technologies and compromises have to be taken.
• Many terms used in MIS are inaccurate and controversial because of high pace of new hardware, software and communication technology.
• MIS problems are difficult to define. Some times a situation may be seen as a problem but in fact it may be a symbol only.
• Not like other subjects like Physics, Chemistry that exists probably from very beginning, MIS has only been recognized as a separate field of study in 1960s.
• A large number of important areas of MIS are still not touched as said by many professionals.
• There is a lack of sympathetic relationship between MIS personnel and users and management and MIS personnel because employees are more loyal to their profession rather than needs of the organizations.
• No universal standards have been established regarding how much to spend on MIS.
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1:workforce downsizing
2:information overload
3:employee mistrust
4:difficult to build
5:security breaches

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